Good times with amazing people

3:54 PM

In Irvine @ the Gypsy Den
Having fun with a moustache
This restaurant is so much fun!
Hiking with my dear friend Carmen
Eating Pho with my sister
very full and happy.
Kyle and my sister jumping over to check out the view
Eating at one of our fave. diners in LB
Having fun with Beto
Busting out some moves. :-)
all the sisters reunited at Open Sesame, Long Beach.
 Today is gloomy and rainy however for some reason I'm enjoying it. I decided to stay in today and post up random stuff. I have been reflecting on this past month and about how I have had a good time hanging out with my friends. They're the best! <3

Im also blasting music and thinking on whether or not I should make something creative like a painting....I have an enormous blank canvas and have no idea what to paint on it!!
It's been sitting around in my room for so long and would love to do something with it, except I'm just afraid I might screw up lol. Any ideas on what I should paint?

 ....or maybe I'll make a few masks. My sister has been wanting me to make a DIY Mask project.

I love masks. I have always wanted to make a huge masquerade party however no one seems to get into it as much as my sister and I do! lol.

Well if I do figure out what to do, then I'll post it up later :-)

Adieu for now.

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