oh la la...Paris Je t'aime!

12:09 PM

Nothing better than going to a French Cafe <3
Notre Dame

...because I love cheese and wine

and I also love crêpes

Very happy although it was pouring...but it was ok because I was in Paris!
Paris Love
and Paris Culture!

There you have it! a glimpse of my trip to Paris in summer 2008. It was an unforgettable and random trip that we planned out of nowhere. Even though we were:
  • served chocolat mousse with red and blue rocks (that resembled the rocks that one would use for a fish tank)
  • nearly mugged by a  lazy random drunk in the streets 
  • depressed because we lost my brand new shoes and my sister's coat in the metro
  • lost outside in the rain,
I would still say that we had a blast. I long to return to Paris! Hopefully I will make it happen again someday.

Au Revoir

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