Random mint color wishlist.

3:04 PM

This ring is amazing!

....because I love Cupcakes!

Hello Kitty sewing machine

This would be perfect for all my jewelry
It wouldn't hurt to add this beautiful necklace to my jewelry collection!
Antoinette Fainting Sofa. Reminds me of a sofa Marie Antoinette would've had.
Ive been dying to get this camera from Urban Outffiters
Would love to get a bike just like this one. I would add a little cute basket,

My guitar is so old now...I must upgrade to this beautfu guitar!

These flats are simply adorable.

still have not found this nail polish color anywhere.
My sister STEPHC owns these shades and I just wanna steal them from her! lol

Visited L.A this past week with my sister and our friend Kimberly. While there we walked in and out of fabric stores and through the alleys. Steph had bought this beautiful blush pink fabric a few months ago and I loved it.

She didn't do anything with the fabric. She just basically wraps it around as a scarf. She took me to the same shop she got her fabric and although I didn't find that beautiful blush pink color but I did find this super nice mint color fabric stashed all the way behind all the fabric rolls. 

The color is beyond beautiful so I decided to post up this wishlist of mint colored stuff that I would love to have. Mint green/blue is such a fresh color and it just reminds me of summer. I love it! 

Happy Friday!! 

*found pics on google images, urbanoutfitters.com, knockaround.com*

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