Thriftin' and coffee

9:26 PM

indeed I do <3
I <3 hello kitty





having fun with funky hats :-)

the fitting rooms were awesome

Steph is obsessed with shoes.

sunglasses <3

I miss my raggedy Anne doll :-(

Records <3

random flower

Steph's awesome rings
On our way to Sipology.

Went thrifting this past week with friends to the shops over on 4th st., Long Beach.
I love going to vintage shops even if its just to window shop. One can find so many unique things that you wouldn't normally find at shops at the mall.

I stumbled upon some records at one of the shops and wanted to get a few, however, unfortunately I don't own a record player. :-/  Im dying to get one! I also want to get a polaroid camera but I didn't have any luck finding one.

After our thrifting adventure we went to get some coffee at Sipology. The more we go to Sipology the more fond I become of it.  I had an horchata latte. It was delicious. :-) Can't wait to go back soon!

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Chinatown! my mom has been raving about this restaurant with amazing soups so I'll check it out and will try to get some shots while there.

Nighty night to all <3

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