Winter Travels!

1:07 PM

This past winter break I visited southern Germany and London! I don't think I had ever been so freezing but it was well worth it. For the first time in my life I experienced a white snowy Christmas in a nice little village called Cadolzburg.
I had visited Germany in  the past during summers 2007 & 2008 and I wasn't so fond of the food but for some reason this time I was just all over it! lol.
I am obsessed with German bread! They have so many kinds of bread!! I love it!
We ate Goose on Christmas day and I must admit I was a bit nervous to try it at first, but it was just beyond delicious. We ate with blaukraut and a potato dumpling. We also had other German specialties like roasted pork and schnitzel.
I visited a few Christmas outdoor markets. It was a hassle for me to get used to the snow especially because I of course brought along the wrong shoes but enjoyed drinking gluhwein. It tasted like hot wine. It was perfect for warming me up and getting everyone in good spirits outside in the cold!

Sometimes it upsets me that some people have this distorted view of Germany. I think it's such an amazing country and the people are welcoming/hospitable. I highly recommend everyone to go! Germany is the only place where I'll actually drink I feel like people there drink to enjoy the beer and don't drink to get crazy drunk...(not sure if that makes any sense? haha) but seriously! I did spend time with drunk Germans but everyone was still very responsible and never drove under the influence. I was very impressed, especially because Germany is known for its beer but I feel like its more a delicacy than a drink that you just waste away.

Anyways enough with that. I'll just post up some pictures already!

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