Lovely drive along the coast

9:34 PM

Flower shop in Seal Beach
Seal beach

Found this Polaroid in an antique shop in Huntington Beach!
very cool record player

loved everything.
pretty teapot

thought these looked neat

I LOVE old books

Laguna Beach!

so many barnacles

I love seashells
Super low tide in Laguna Beach

The hills

Extreme Supermoon!

Amazing full moon last week

Last week on Friday we decided to eat some burritos in Seal Beach and didn't want to go back home and be bored so instead we decided to drive all along the beach. The sun was out shining bright and there was no better place than to be outside. After Seal Beach we drove to Huntington Beach, Balboa Island, Newport Beach and then finally ended in Laguna Beach.

We got off at each beach and just walked around. There was a farmer's market at Huntington Beach. I love farmers markets because they always sell honey sticks! lol.
They had so many interesting flavors like mango, cinnamon, orange blossom, sour lemon and others. I got a few that were just delicious. While at HB we also checked out an antique shop that I had never been to before. They had such amazing stuff there and I'm so glad I found it because I'll definitely be returning. :-D

After HB we drove along the coast for a long time while blasting The Mamas & The Papas' "California Dreamin'." (I have been obsessed with this song lately.)

We had a  huge blast in Laguna Beach! The tides were low and so all the rocks were exposed. We found tons of mussels, sea anemones, sea snails & crabs. We found the most beautiful sea shells and rocks and thought they would be perfect for our fish tank. (our fish love the new shells btw...I'm a dork I know.)

After that we were finally going to end our trip but instead decided to drive up the hills of Laguna to see if we could find some good spots to view the ocean. After getting lost for a while, we finally found a great spot. We found this secret trail  hidden in the middle of these mansions. The trail led us to this amazing view of the ocean with cactus and wild flowers.

Overall our spontaneity paid off and we had a fantastic day. Sometimes getting lost isn't so bad because that's how one can discover new places :-)

P.S. the moon last weekend was so beautiful. Apparently it had been "dangerously" close to earth. Oh well at least I was able to get some great shots.

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