Lykke li show!

1:27 AM

On our way to Hollywood :-D
Shirley Temple sans cherry :-(
The show was at the Mondrian Hotel
Love this magazine!
Having fun with the cam
Lykke Li!
yes someone was crazy enough to jump in. lol

It was an amazing show!
Crazy lights!
Walking down Sunset Blvd.
Very happy after the show!
Taking a break.
After walking for a bit we ran into FERGIE AND JOSH DUHAMMEL!!!
Yes I was nosy and pushed through paparazzi just to get some shots of them lol.
Was super close!
I love Fergie!
A very good ending to our night :-)

This past weekend we went to Lykke Li's secret show at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood! I was depressed because I had heard her show in May was sold out, but fortunately one of my sister's friends was able to hook it up and got us some tickets to go to the secret show. We had so much fun!
Before the show I was freaking out though because I had forgotten my I.D. but my sister let me borrow hers and although we don't look alike at all they still let me in. lol. 
Lykke Li mainly played stuff from her new album which was really good. I highly recommend it! I would've really liked if she had played some of her old songs too. 
Overall her show was mellow and at the same time energetic. We had a good time dancing and singing along to her tunes.
After the show we decided to walk down Sunset blvd. and after a few blocks we ran into some crazy commotion with paparazzi! A car pulled in right in front of us and out of it came Fergie and her husband. I managed to push through all the paparazzi and was able to get some shots of them. 

Gotta love L.A. :-)

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