I love Long Beach

3:09 PM

Every so often I like to play the tourist in my own lovely city: Long Beach. On this particular day we had nothing to do and the weather was perfect, so we decided to take a boat ride around the Rainbow Harbor.

Long Beach has definitely changed since I was kid but for the better. Usually people think of Snoop Dog when LB is mentioned however there is much more to LB than Snoop Dog.


The downtown area has modernized a bit with all the new restaurants and shops but some of the buildings give away the city's age with all the beautiful Deco architecture from the 20's and 30's.

Also one other neat thing about LB is that it is home to the beautiful Queen Mary ship. Many claim it's haunted but I've never had any encounters (at least not yet!) Ever since watching Titanic (the film,) I thought the Queen Mary looked just like it. 
Sometimes when I go visit the Queen Mary, I like to pretend 
that I am inside the Titanic. *lol* (I know I'm strange.)

Anyways, If you haven't visited Long Beach already, please do!
I always like to boast about how I would be the greatest tour guide EVER in Long Beach because I know all the awesome places to go, all the cool cafes, museums and stores.
so if you need a tour guide, voila: here I am! :-)

Well I Hope tout le monde is having a wonderful week so far!




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