fairy lights

10:51 AM



I got the chance to finally put up some lights 
and I am pleasantly happy with the way they look. 
While putting the lights up, I remember stumbling upon a 
DIY for LED light covers (aka flower fairy lights)  using egg cartons! The second picture above displays the final result :-) 

Although they look different from the original DIY, I must say I like mine better. I painted them with water colors which turned out to be a huge mess but I had fun. They look very rugged yet cute. I think nothing makes a room more cozier than some warm lights especially on cold windy evenings. 
If anyone decides to try out this super easy DIY, you should send me a picture of how it turns out!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I'm gonna get up and start my day!

Adieu for now 

Jenni <3

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