PS I love you

12:56 PM

I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving break with my love and family.

It was definitely a well deserved break for us both. We ate so much and watched so many movies together.

My favorite movie was "The Tree of Life." it was such an odd yet beautiful piece of work. I loved the random scenes and dialogue. It reminded me of poetry.

On Sunday we headed over to the horse stables and just sat around observing the horses and goats. It wasn't the most exciting thing but it was def relaxing.

Now I'm eagerly looking forward to opening my Adventskalender on December 1st! It was sent all the way from Germany with lots of love and for the past few weeks I've been dying to open it....just two more days!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break and if you live abroad and don't celebrate this holiday it's ok because Thanksgiving shouldn't be just for Americans and once a year but it should be every day worldwide!

Adieu and have a wonderful day!

Jenni <3

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