6:39 AM

2011: a year, I truly won't forget! It was a roller coaster ride mostly filled with good/fun/crazy/funny goodness that I shared with the most amazing people I know.

The video is definitely missing tons of other memories that I couldn't capture on video. I am missing clips from our trip to Germany (which are tucked away in my hard drive) 
Unfortunately I could only squeeze around five minutes of clips and did it in a rush, however,  
I am quite pleased on how it turned out :-)

Spent new year's eve in Vegas and started off the year right surrounded by the people I love <3
I must say that Vegas is definitely the place to be for New years eve! Had such a blast with my gang of locos and random strangers cheering in streets and gazing at the fireworks. 

2012 will be a challenging year but I am ready for it! Excited and looking forwards to whatever is in store for me. 

Hope everyone had a nice new years eve and happy new year! (yes I know I'm late :-P) 

much love, 

Jenni <3

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