9:04 AM

It's good to be back :-) I've definitely been lagging on updating my blog, however I have a good excuse. Finally something I've been wishing for the longest has come true and I am ecstatic about it. Will make a post about it soon when everything is ready.

In other news, I have been internetless so I've been forced to do my posts on my phone which is cool but I would rather do them on my laptop.

The past few weeks I've been out and about and have taken some pics of random inspirations. There are so many awesome things around us and some people fail to stop and observe. This year I want it to be more about the small and simple things in life.

Life doesn't have to be a about glamour and material things. There's more to life than that!

Anyways hope everyone is having a good week thus far.

Jenni <3

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