ill still be lady daydream...

10:09 AM

Hi, hello! Time is sure flying by!!! Can't believe it's February already.

I started off the first week of feb by hanging out in cool cafes, getting a Hennah tattoo, taking refreshing walks and going to the Echo in LA to see Twin Sister play.

For those that don't know, Twin Sister is one my fave bands!! Sadly they won't be touring for a while, however I am still so glad that I was able to see them. If you haven't already, def check out their tunes. Their beats are quirky, fun and different.

I will post a clip that I filmed from the show and some pics for my nxt post :-)

On another note I'm looking forwards to valentines day. As of now I'm not entirely sure what my hubby and I are doing yet. I do know though, that it wont involve movie and dinner... So cliche.

We'll most likely keep it simple and low key.

Hope everyone is having a great week
Au Revoir!!!

Jennita <3

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