10:45 AM

Yes finally le weekend is here! I'm looking forwards to the following:

1. Watching "The Artist" at the art theater. Everyone is loving this film and it has tons of nominations so I don't wanna miss out on the fun.

2. The Oscars!!! Yay. I've already stocked up on popcorn and wine!

3. Fat time, I mean Fam time lol (food is always involved with my family reunions)

4. Going for a run to the beach. Well more like walking because I can barely run a few feet Without dying!

5.Hanging up pic frames on my bare depressing walls.

6. Lavender hot chocolate!! Found a lovely recipe for this so lets see how that turns out!

7. Skyping. I miss my friend!!!

8. Writing letters. The art of writing Letters (yes the art) is sadly being lost. I prefer letters any days to emails.

9. Photo shoots. My poor camera has been lonely. I haven't had any escapades with it for a while. I must get on that.

Well I believe thats it for now. My plans always change but it's nice listing them out as a reminder to myself :-)

Hope you guys are also planning for a groovy weekend!

check out some random pics I've compiled within the last two weeks. Enjoy!

Happy vendredi!!


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