He's my Brother, She's my Sister

11:29 AM

Finalment! Le weekend is here. :-) 
I'm currently enjoying a quiet/relaxin morning at home. Had to wake a bit early though, because our dear manager was gonna come by and fix our poor window (Unfortunately it broke due to all the crazy windy weather!)

While I wait until he fixes that, I have managed to make some time to upload some stuff from the He's my brother, She's my sister show. I had a good time singing along to their tunes and dancin'. We might catch them in April so we're def. looking forward to that.

If you like funky and upbeat folk music come by and check 'em out. The tap dancer in the group is so entertaining to watch. Makes me want to take up some tap-dancing lessons! The rest of the band is awesome and very talented.

Prior to going to their show we checked out the rotating lounge in downtown L.A. I never knew it existed! it was tres amazing. Enjoyed the LA skyline while sipping on some shirley temples. I'm hoping to return soon...also hope that they wont kick us out from going up and down the elevators. ;-)

Enjoy and I do apologize for the video quality...I am in dire need of a new vid. cam. Either that or I need to figure out how to make the sound effects better.

Have a nice weekend <3


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