Neon Indian + Housse de Racket

5:33 PM

Last week on Tuesday night we went to LA to see Neon Indian and Housse de Racket play!

I love going to shows on weeknights, because it isn't as packed but I always hate myself in the mornings...especially when I have to wake up the next day at the ungodly hour of 5am!

I didn't think much people would go because hello...who's crazy enough to go out on weeknight? well it turns out EVERYONE and their momma were there. lol

 We barely made it to see Housse the Racket play, BUT we did get to hang out with them. They're not only very talented but also humble and friendly and did I mention French?? I got to bust out a bit of my French skills and surprisingly they understood it or perhaps they just pretended to understand me so I wouldn't feel embarrassed.

I highly recommend that you check out their music! Their songs are super upbeat and the lyrics are mostly in French. Their songs remind me of Phoenix, but I have decided that I like Housse de Racket BETTER just because they sing in French. Obviously you can tell I'm a Francophone. :-)

Im gushing so much about Housse de Racket that I'm forgetting about: Neon Indian!! I have been listening to their songs nonstop for about month and was looking forwards to seeing them play. I must say the sounded very good live. The lead singer's dreamy vocals echoed all over and put me trance-like state. I seriously loved it. Met the lead singer real quick after the show too!! Super nice guy.

Overall our night was a great success and yes I woke up super groggy, but it was well worth it.

Now I'll leave you with some the pics from our night and of course some videos.


Jenni <3

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