sand art, waves & good ole sunshine

10:04 PM

Sand castles competitions happened recently and I totally was impressed with some of the stuff people built. We got there kind of late, so I was so bummed that I couldn't be a part of it...maybe next summer? Not sure who won but I feel like they all should've gotten prizes :-)

Afterwards we roamed the streets of LBC...its been so friggin' hot lately and home is the last place we wanted to be. We had ourselves quite an adventure trying to find a fan. Right before summer, we kept on saying we would buy a fan and suddenly we get the heat wave and everyone and their momma were getting fans. For three days straight, we went out to every Target and Walmart in the area. We tried a few other stores and they were all SOLD OUT. Couldn't believe it!

We finally found a fan in Bath body and Beyond! The craziest thing is that it wasn't technically brand new. Someone had bought it and returned it. It was in perfect condition though. It was worth 100 bucks but because it was unpackaged and had no remote we got it for like 40 bucks. Not bad eh?

 Well that's my little fan story. :-) (such a 1st world problem...pathetic I know!!)

Hope everyone is staying cool...if not hit the beach. It's always happenin' at the playa. I could live there everyday if it wasn't for work.

Last year around this time we had our mini escapade to North Cali and I've been itching to go back. The drive along the coast is so epic....the beauty is just so much to take in...I love it. As much as I want to go back, I dunno if it will happen. I have bigger plans coming my way soon and I'm oh so excited that I can hardly contain myself :-)

Goodnight for now!


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