12:44 AM

The last week has been pretty crazy especially with Halloween falling right on Wednesday. I wasn't planning to dress up at all, but my coworker convinced me by letting me borrow her gypsy costume. It wasn't until Monday that I decided to switch to Black Swan instead. Stefan went to party city to look for a costume, but instead I came out of the store with a tutu, crown and black wings. 

The makeup for Black Swan was kind of tricky but I think it came out pretty cool. I also did Stefan's joker makeup. His took a lot longer especially because we made our own putty out of candle wax, vaseline and glue to achieve the scars on his cheeks. I highlighted the wrinkles on his forehead with some dark eyeliner and traced over them to make them stand out. 

I was pretty content with the way our looks came out, especially Stefan's! While we walked around our neighborhood, everyone was asking to take pics with him. We had a great time hanging in Belmont Shore and chilling at my place afterwards. We pigged out on Mexican food and watched scary movies. 

Not sure if I'll go all out again next year but I'll admit I had a great time getting in to character. I twirled around and busted out some chassés and pas de bourrées! Totally made me want to take up dancing again. :-) 



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