Paris: part deux

3:48 PM

I might sound super cliché when I say that I LOVE paris, but it's the truth...I do! I have always been drawn to it since I was a little girl. I can recall, my first day of French lessons in high school. I was so giddy and eager to learn everything. The first thing we learned was a song about papillons (butterflies.) I'll never forget it.

Anyways walking through this beautiful city, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was for returning for a second time, even if it was for a short time.

We walked for a few miles and although our feet were killing us, we didn't mind. We ended the night at the  eiffel tower. We arrived minutes before it began to light up. That's always my favorite! We sat staring at it in awe. We stayed throughout the whole thing. When the lights stopped we took a few metros and ate at random cafe.

 We were so exhausted that I can hardly remember what I ate or what the name of the place was! I just remember we had a bit of dilemma because when we were done eating, my sis and I could not remember how to ask for the bill! It was the most awkward thing ever.  We called the waiter back and he thought we wanted to order some more. Anyways after minutes of doing hand gestures and pulling out our money, he eventually understood we wanted: l'addition! haha.


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