Hello new year!

11:11 PM

I'm beyond late with these pics! Anyway we had an amazing new year's eve/day celebration. My placed was packed with these crazies and I loved every minute of it.
My sis and I decorated my wall with tissue paper and got out stuff that we could use as props. I had masks, hats and the infamous red wig.

Right before midnight we all squeezed in to two cars and drove off to downtown Long Beach to see the fireworks display from the Queen Mary. We left twenty minutes before midnight and right when arrived the fireworks went off. It was perfect timing. We took along the champagne and shared our goals, hopes and dreams for 2013.

After that we rushed back to my place and danced the night away. We finally ended our celebration around 5am,  Amazing how fast time flies by when you're in good company.

Will never forget this day! Started of the year with awesome people and good vibes.
 photo DSC01633_zps06215a54.jpg
DSC01637_zps60fb6361 photo DSC01637_zps60fb6361.jpg
 photo DSC01628_zps448bc5c0.jpg
 photo DSC01614_zps0a836c83.jpg
 photo DSC01607_zpsc95ce2e9.jpg
 photo DSC01604_zps9a78623e.jpg
 photo DSC01598_zps6fa50970.jpg
DSC01594_zps1e609ede photo DSC01594_zps1e609ede.jpg
 photo IMG_9571_zpsbdaf37fd.jpg

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