Why hello again: Solvang

5:59 PM

How quickly time flies by! I was in Solvang precisely around this time last year too. We called up my sis and some friends and just hopped on the car and drove up north.

I love roadtrips....no seriously, I'm obsessed. I'll find any excuse not be home on the weekends and just drive around. I blame this on my mom! We were always out and about when we were little, and whenever we did stay home on the weekends, it was like the end of the world (dramatic I know.) We call it the Cardenas curse (Cardenas being my mom's maiden name.) Everyone on my mom's side of the fam are practically like gypsies. When they go...they go. They are always itching to go anywhere and everywhere. My dad thinks we're all crazy.

Well anyway, we decided to go out there for a day and naturally we decided to squeeze in a million things to do. 1st on our list was of course Solvang, then we were off to Los Olivos. After that my friend Kyle surprised us all by taking us to Nojoqui Falls, and finally we ended our trip in beautiful Santa Barbara.

For now I leave you with the quaint and charming Danish town!

 photo DSC02460_zps00cfc911.jpeg
 photo DSC02457_zpsc579a8a0.jpg
 photo DSC02554_zps6a9c7e4e.jpeg
 photo DSC02472_zps73900fa6.jpeg
 photo DSC02496_zpsa4423164.jpeg
 photo DSC02481_zps615be7b3.jpeg
 photo DSC02480_zps523558da.jpg
 photo DSC02491_zpsf93666fe.jpeg
 photo DSC02469_zpsdb192c09.jpeg

 photo DSC02499_zpsce3b6106.jpeg

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