May lovin'

6:26 PM

I'm late on my May. Been busy doing tons of excitin' stuff like planning parties and spending time with fam/friends. There's lately been so much on my mind and I feel like it's going to explode. Seriously too many thoughts and ideas going on, that sometimes I just have to slow down or take a nap to relax. 
naps are the best...
So in other news I'm excited for the Great Gatsby to come out this week. I've got the biggest crush on Leo Dicaprio and a girl crush on Carey Mulligan. They are perfect for the roles. I'm gonna reread the book before I watch the movie to refresh my memory. 

 Also this week, I'm looking forwards to mother's day. In Latin American countries we celebrate it on May 10th, so it's gonna go down this Friday! 
My cousins and I are planning on throwing a cute little tea party for our mums. All I know is they are going to love it! 

For now...enjoy some random shots that make me smile.

 photo 532856_10152769803300206_484353622_n.jpg
 photo 220f43b0f640277ec07eca93a61a3a7b.jpg

 photo black-and-white-.jpg
 photo 625446_578816992136638_124109126_n.jpg

 photo summerwhites7.jpg

 photo PEACHES.jpg

 photo 427374_349522705066069_1753454811_n.jpg

 photo summer_add_ons1.jpg

 photo road-trip-71.jpg

 photo intimates-blogger-picks-brigette.jpg

 photo Lounging-printed-couch.jpg
 photo tumblr_mkt6jv6qbj1qiwls1o1_400.jpg

 photo tumblr_m7dzf8a84C1qa2txho1_400.jpg

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