Never Seen Such Good Things

10:04 PM

Some shots from the Devendra Banhart show! I've been obsessing over his new album "Mala." (I highly recommend it.) Such a different experience watching him play live. He's quite out there with his flamboyant dance moves and his unexpected high pitched notes. He had everyone dancing and singing along to almost all of his songs. I was thirsting for more songs but alas the show had to come to an end!

He ended the show with my all time fave song: "Carmencita." Such a perfect song. All I know is that I wanna see him play again. :-)

His music is somethin' else. I urge ya to check him out if you haven't.

 photo DSC03806.jpg
 photo DSC03808.jpg
 photo DSC03853.jpg
 photo DSC03854.jpg
 photo DSC03860.jpg
 photo DSC03786.jpg

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