weekend happenings

9:36 PM

The past few weekends have been jam packed with outings and parties. I have a huge family and it seriously feels like every weekend someone has a birthday!  I can't remember the last time I actually just hung around home all day. Not that I'm complaining because I love to be out and about. :-) 

Last weekend the sis and I headed out to West Hollywood to Lemonade (restaurant.) Love that place! They sell hearty salads and delicious lemonades (totally worth the drive) We walked around carelessly in our summer getups: bare legged, wild hair and strappy sandals, is what's up lately. 

Summer is in the air and we couldn't be happier. So many things we want to do that I'll have to do a bucket list to organize everything. For weeks now, we have all been discussing about going to the desert before it gets unbearably hot. The Cali desert is like a whole another world. Such a hostile but at the same eerily beautiful place. Can't wait! 

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