Make Music Pasadena

10:07 PM

So I finally got around to posting the photos from Make Music Pasadena. This is my third year in a row going and it did not disappoint. I was especially excited because KCRW hosted the event. They changed things up a bit this year, and scattered the booths and  stages all over. It was a hot day so walking around and standing to watch the bands play was a challenge but luckily there was plenty of free snacks and cool drinks to keep us happy. 

We were there to see Freedom Fry, Superhumanoids, Tanlines Yacht and Youngbloode Hawke. There were so many others but it was impossible to see them all with so much going on. 

In between sets we wandered the streets and ended up at the city hall. Such a beautiful building! It was practically desserted and we had it all to ourselves. We got lost in the long wide hallways and  admired all the architectural details. It's a shame that buildings aren't made like that anymore. 

After a long day of good fun we headed back home. Ears were ringing and I got a bad sunburn but it was well worth it! I'm already looking forwards to next year's line up. 

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