I love you SD

2:58 PM

Some picture overload from our little getaway to SD. Last time we were there was last year and we mainly hung out in Coronado Island. This time around we decided to check out Sunset Cliffs and some other sights downtown. It's always a pleasure to go back to SD. I lived in Oceanside for two years and was always so busy with school and work that I hardly went out to explore!

Going over there was a nice little escape from all the crazyness over here. I especially love the drive over there. Rugged hills on the left and neverending ocean on the right! Beautiful!!

Sunset Cliffs was super neat. The land there is pretty unstable and dangerous so I was a bit on edge whilst walking around, but the sights were worth it. We walked towards all these dudes jumping off the cliffs into the water. After watching them dive, Stefan couldn't help himself so he went for it too. He didn't have swimming trunks so he just jumped in with his jean shorts!

He ended up having to walk around with his shorts all soaked! YOLO. haha.

We finished off our day downtown and visited Balboa Park and old town SD. I really wanted to stop by Oceanside on the way back home for some delicious Rainbow ice cream.It's a tiny Mexican ice cream shop owned by super nice people. Im not so big on ice cream (I know I'm weird) but theirs I can't get enough of. Maybe it's because they have out of the ordinary flavors like cactus fruit, rose water, mango chili, guava, rice, cheese (just to name a few.) I gotta go back for that :-)

Meanwhile I'll keep daydreaming about SD's beautiful sights.

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