Time for that red, white and blue!

2:37 PM

Happy 4th of July! For those of us who are fortunate, we get the day off! I am all for that.

The past few years, it's been kind of a tradition of ours to go to Huntington Beach pier to celebrate the 4th. The streets get filled with all sorts of shenanigans waiting anxiously for the fireworks display. So far it's one of the best displays I've ever seen. There's nothing fancy about the fireworks themselves, I just love how they reflect on the ocean. Makes the fireworks seem brighter!! I love it.

 This year though, we changed our plans and scored free tickets to the Aquarium (courtesy of my lovely aunt.) The Queen Mary will be doing the firework show which I can't wait to see!

Hope everyone has a good one!! :-)

 photo d7461e9995c8a97b7097ac63fd4028d1.jpg
 photo 2f546704313f68d3ddf90b28d4062db6.jpg
 photo 8e167fcbe35b56208c6354c921b0007f.jpg
 photo 7f3049958835eed1b2ad66c1662c4613.jpg
 photo 9bd159cfa0f52c2ab95fa2f19b5defb8.jpg
 photo 443670f87ebf121475041fbe1c488608.jpg

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 photo f425368e12feaed2aa530f15e9d2dafe.jpg

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Photo source: pinterest.

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