Crystal Cove

11:09 AM

This day seems so long ago. These pictures were taken about two weeks ago at Crystal Cove. This hidden gem is located inbetween Laguna and Newport Beach.
First thing we did was check out the rocks down at the beach. It's so neat how the waves have created works of art onto these rocks! They seem so ancient with jagged and wavy edges. The waves have left an imprint on those rocks and the result is quite awesome.
After that we laid on the sand for what seemed like hours. The heat was intense so I went for it and just ran into the waves. It's the best feeling! Crystal cove is also known for its beach house community. I think it's been there since the 20's. I thought it was quite charming with its little walkways and stores. We walked up some stairs and ended up at a small Ruby's shack. We ended our awesome day there with a delicious shake. It was pure summer perfection.

 photo IMG_3737_zps9930a87d.jpg
 photo IMG_3746_zps6f23fdb3.jpg

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 photo IMG_3753_zps172318ed.jpg

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