FYF (best weekend ever!)

7:53 PM

Where to even begin with FYF?? I can definitely agree that it was one of the best weekends of the summer. The sis and I took the metro from Long Beach to the heart of downtown LA. We walked a few blocks towards LA historic park next to Chinatown. The layout was pretty basic and small, with three major stages and few smalls ones in between. I kept on wondering to myself how on earth would all of us would fit! The place was packed.

We got there early so we hung out by the drinking zone and met a few cool people that ended up staying with us throughout the entire festival. The vibes there were good! Everyone was in a great mood ready to enjoy music.
We danced like crazy to Horse meat disco's tunes. They had every single person there shaking it Their music totally takes you back to that 70's funk. Loved it.
Thereafter we got check out Toro y Moi, Devendra Banhart and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I got to see Devendra play a few months ago, so seeing him again was indeed a great treat.

The last show of the night was the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. For years I had been dying to see them play! Towards the end of the day we were so dehydrated and exhausted, but there was no way on earth we would miss their show! Karen-O was the pure definition of a rock star. She had us all in a trance and everyone was singing along to every single tune. Her energy is unlike any other girl singer out there and not to mention her voice. She goes from soft and sweet to screeching like crazy in seconds. I wish I had that talent.

I'm already looking forwards for next year's lineup. Not sure if it can beat this year's but we'll see!

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