Keep Portland Weird

9:44 PM

Portland definitely lives up to it's reputation for being weird. Just minutes after walking out the train station we ran into many interesting characters. After getting breakfast we decided to chill at a park. The night before I hardly slept a wink in Seattle, due to this one guy yelling all night. It was the strangest thing ever. He began yelling around 9pm and kept at it until we checked out around 6am. Our last night in Seattle was very sleepless lol.

At the park I instantly fell asleep. After a while I woke up to this weird guy with a 70's look walking towards us. We talked about Led Zeppelin and other random stuff. He told me that if I didn't like them that I was a big snob. I assured him that I was a huge fan. He ended up being a pretty neat guy! After that we hit up Voodoo donut and got an oreo cookie donut. I wish we could've gotten something more exotic like the maple one with bacon or maybe the bubble gum one! the oreo cookie donut didn't disappoint though.

After hanging out downtown by pioneer square we met up with our long lost friend Whitney!!!  She and I met in Marymount college our freshman year and instantly became friends. It had been almost six years since I had last seen her. Catching up with her was definitely the cherry on top to our trip. She took us to Multnomah Falls for a hike. We saw so many beautiful sights that I will forever daydream about. The waterfall was so magical and mesmerizing. It's like you gotta be there to experience it. Not sure when I'll be back but it's gotta be soon.

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