Out and About in the Emerald City

10:25 PM

We loved that everything was very central in Seattle. I only recall taking a bus one time because it began to rain, but besides that we walked EVERYWHERE. We went up bright and early up the big hill to Kerry park, walked up another hill to get up to the Frye Museum and back down for some coffee and bread at the Bauhaus.

Visiting the Seattle library was on the top of our list. There were hardly any tourists and pretty much had the place to ourselves. I couldn't help but feel jealous of everyone who has the pleasure of being there whenever they please. Their library doesn't compare to ours back in LB.  It was gloomy out but I could just imagine how nice it is when the sunlight beams through the whole glass structure!

After the library we checked out The Smith Tower...again no tourists and we had the whole place to ourselves! It was such a great viewpoint. We ended our night walking around downtown through the blue trees and back to the pike. We must have walked a total of ten plus miles but it was totally worth it. If you ask me, walking is the best way to view this awesome city.
 photo DSC05198_zpsb1b11f40.jpg
 photo DSC05216_zps62b03211.jpg
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