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this month is flying!! Already Halloween next week? there's still stuff I wanna do before fall is over. Still haven't gone apple pickin' or pumpkin carvin'. Gotta get on that. This weekend the fam and I will be going out of town. I can hardly contain my excitement. Will be checking off "taking a roadtrip" from my fall to-do list!

Below are some pics around LB and LA. Last weekend my friends and I hit up the Hammer Museum and checked out a photography exhibit by James Welling. His work was quite fascinating! We then decided to take a walk around UCLA. I totally fell in love with the campus. I would love to go there for my never know!

 photo IMG_4590_zps0e8a9687.jpg
 photo IMG_4790_zps2fcb7a97.jpg

 photo IMG_4791_zps0bf9e790.jpg

 photo IMG_4784_zpsb597199d.jpg

 photo IMG_4862_zps578a4c5a.jpg

 photo IMG_4794_zps4b497b77.jpg

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 photo IMG_4861_zps05b833dd.jpg

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