9:43 PM

Came back from Utah last weekend and honestly I don't think I'm fully back yet. We packed an RV and headed out with the fam. Together we drove for about twelve hours through Nevada and Arizona and finally Utah. We visited my aunt who recently moved out there a few months ago. She lives a few minutes away from Salt Lake City so she took us around there our first night. Early Saturday morning we headed out to Cracker Barrel for a hearty breakfast and then drove about an hour to River's edge campground.

My aunt rented two cabins to celebrate my baby cousin's birthday. Overall we had an amazing time  together. We ate lots of delicious food, laughed together and sat by the campfire and told stories. I really don't know when we'll all be together like this again, but it was truly a blessing to have been able to spend such a unforgettable time with everyone!

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