Welcome to Zion

9:38 PM

Part deux of my photo journal in Utah. On our way back to Cali, we decided to stop by Zion. Years ago my friends made this big camping trip out there and because of work I had to stay behind. I always regretted not going so when we planned this trip we ensured to make a pit stop.
Our RV sat overlooking the majestic canyons. All around us there were beautiful trees with bright yellow leaves. We overheard people say that Zion is most beautiful in the fall and I couldn't have agreed more!!

After arriving we didn't waste any time and headed out for a hike. It was like we were entering a whole other world. The canyons were so grand with bright red and brown hues. I had never seen anything like it. We hiked for about an hour until we reached the Virgin river. Our hike was cut short because it was getting dark and so we headed back to our campsite and built a nice big fire. We had ourselves a delicious barbecue under the stars. Magical stuff. Wish every night would be like that one.I feel like we often forget about the simple things in life and how amazing they make us feel. Society is sick in making us into think that we need so many things to make us happy but we don't! Simplicity is so underrated and that's probably why many of us are unsatisfied with everything. A trip like this definitely reassured me that less is more and that family is everything.

 photo DSC06939_zps3c5137fe.jpg
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