Ecuador: Part I

8:05 PM

It's been a week since our return from beautiful Ecuador and without a doubt it's already a highlight of the year.  I had been talking to my sis and mom about wanting to go for years now and am glad that we were able to finally make this trip happen.

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning to Quito and were reunited with our dear friend Carmensita.  It was so nice to finally see her again especially in her country!! We wasted no time and dropped off our luggage first and then headed out to the city to explore.

Quito is nestled super high up in the mountains, so it was really no surprise to be welcomed with heavy fog and rain. Something I had actually been desperately craving for back in Cali! To my surprise it reminded me a lot of San Francisco; hills left and right. We went to old town Quito and tried out some delicious traditional food: green plantain empanadas filled with cheese. Precisely what we needed after a long flight.

Below are some pictures of some churches we visited. My favorite was the most grand of them all: Basilica del Voto Nacional, built in the 17th century. It stands out from all the other churches in the area, because of it's gothic style architecture. The coolest thing though, is that instead of using traditional gargoyles, they used statues of species found in the galapagos islands such as turtles and iguanas.
I especially fell in love with the inside of the basilica. The high ceilings, never-ending hallways and stained windows were a great escape and glimpse to the past.

There was just so much to do, see, hear and taste all while trying to function on just a few hours of sleep and while trying to acclimate to the altitude. By the end of the day we were ready to hit the sack.

More pics to come soon :-)

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