Happy Chinese New Year!

9:07 PM

We hit up the new year's parade in Chinatown and had lots of fun! Loved the music, the dances, the dragons and of course the confetti! Hoping this year of the horse will be a good one. :-) 

 photo IMG_3176.jpg
 photo IMG_3190.jpg
 photo IMG_3186.jpg
 photo IMG_3188.jpg
 photo IMG_3189.jpg

 photo IMG_3185.jpg
 photo IMG_3187.jpg

 photo IMG_3196.jpg
 photo IMG_3184.jpg
 photo IMG_3193.jpg
 photo IMG_3177.jpg
 photo IMG_3175.jpg
 photo IMG_3174.jpg
 photo IMG_3182.jpg
 photo IMG_3195.jpg
 photo IMG_3183.jpg

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