Mindo Lindo

9:14 AM

Our adventures in the Mindo jungle were unforgettable. It was totally different from Quito! We drove deeper and deeper into the mountains until finally everything around us was bright green. Everywhere there were exotic plants, flowers, rivers and birds. The sky was dark with heavy clouds and fog, however, the weather was warm and moist. It was nice escape from the cold back in Quito

Our friend Carmen told us that we definitely shouldn't miss out on zip lining so that's the first thing we did. I love a good dose of adrenaline, but honestly, I was a bit terrified to do it! There was no turning back though. We decided to do a three cable trip and walked nervously up the stairs to get hooked on, while my mom and her friend waved nervously from below.

We were helped into the harness and given some helmets and gloves. The guy who hooked me on to the cable gave me like a five minute intro on what to expect, but I was way too excited to really pay attention. All I remember, is that he told me to lean back with my feet high up and to NEVER put my hand in front of the cable. In a flash I was then pushed out and was let go! I flew across with crazy speed down the cable with nothing but jungle all around me. I was free and I was flying!! The heavy humid air hit me like a slap in the face and it felt oh so good. On the other side another guy waited for me and unhooked me. I was shaking from all the excitement and as a result, I could hardly walk. My sister followed behind me and was loving it just as much as I was. Thereafter, the guides took us on a 15 minute hike up to the other cable. I didn't think it was going to be so hard, but with the high altitude and my heart racing it made it so difficult to walk and breathe. Finally after forever, we made it and got hooked and off we went. I totally wished I had a camera with me to take shots of all the beauty up there. Such an unforgettable expirience that I'll have to try again.

We came back to the site and my mom and Veronica greeted us with waves and cheers. We then drove around looking for a good place to eat fresh fish. We got off to ask the locals for some directions to a good restaurant and little boy overheard us and told us he knew of a place a few miles down the road. We agreed to go and he hopped on in with us. He took us to a beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere where a family owns a fishing business. While they cooked our meal we ventured around the area and found a tire zip lining cable over a large lake. The little kid wasted no time and went across and dared us to go on. My sis and I didn't waste any time!! it was so much fun, that even my mom joined in. After all the thrill, we ate a delicious fish feast with rice, plantanes and my favorite aji sauce.

I don't know if I'll ever return to this enchanting place but I'm glad I was able to see it!

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