Salvation Mountain

3:13 PM

I love a good escape from the city, especially when it's to the desert. We headed out south to Niland to check out Salvation Mountain and other places.

Salvation Mt has been on our bucket list for some time now and after hearing of Leonard Knight's death recently, we felt it was appropriate to go pay our respects.

This place is definitely something else!  Leonard created this piece of art and made it a mission to maintain it to share God's message to the world. Instead of monetary donations, he asked visitors to bring paint for touch ups.  He basically would dump a bunch of random stuff like hay, cement and other abandoned stuff and would just paint over it. The result is jaw-dropping. It stands out in the middle of the desert and draws people in which is exactly what he wanted.

We walked inside all the mazes and every single corner was covered with colorful bright paint. Every turn is filled with so many details that you just have to stand there to take it all in. Now that he's gone, volunteers have been coming more than ever to help maintain it and have done so tirelessly in the scorching heat.

After the moutain, we decided to make a pit stop at Salton Sea. This place is the largest salt water lake in Cali, with it's surface being about 226ft below sea level! The salinity levels are so high that dead fish can be found everywhere!! The smell is not so pleasant, but the the views make up for it big time. We sat and had lunch there; a tray of deli meat, crackers and cheese with juice. This is also a great spot for bird watching! A lot of them looked like seagulls which was so odd, because the beach is pretty far.

Before going back home we made one last stop in Cabazon to check out the huge dinosaurs sculptures. Both dinos have access to go inside so that was pretty neat! We walked around and just chilled out with some arizona green tea and chocolate ice cream. It was a perfect way to end a fantastic day.

 photo 5227F88B-9784-4365-9E4B-0DFC21C55307_zpstjerqsmk.jpg
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 photo ED2EFFA6-E682-4BCC-87F7-1F70521F61C9_zpsjndz9pjo.jpg

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 photo B93360AF-B430-4A52-931C-CB0D4A2D00E5_zps08vukqwy.jpg
 photo ABD29D98-64CC-4EA3-9756-C221B8D93A11_zpsz6lrs84m.jpg
 photo 9019C2EB-373D-4857-B8B4-7C0860795262_zpsozeurkib.jpg
 photo DF0C2B67-7CF8-40E3-8A31-E6B9E227B036_zpswet8nobm.jpg
 photo 6E0AA315-D3AC-44F6-A3A1-FDCD9A30C483_zpsgmi08p5y.jpg
 photo 8FF47F0E-3B4B-4208-93CE-65317CF915D8_zpsqz1n1wyg.jpg
 photo 1EB45493-B3C9-4AE2-8FBE-37AC1539D421_zpstdmx767d.jpg
 photo B250009D-0F76-467A-AFD1-D3A494A123AE_zpsvuhacmlx.jpg
 photo 95e0fc58-7d36-46a6-bb89-347c9edfdc63_zpsf2a8d413.jpg
 photo 67F9BF75-3D77-452C-B901-C380AB739095_zpstcbmbpyr.jpg
 photo 9DEB31B1-E8EE-45B1-B0B5-2497B70BCE7F_zpsfwkxxpy5.jpg

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