View of Quito from up above

1:25 PM

Will never forget our trip to Quito's Teleferico. It's one of the highest gondola lifts in the world! It took us up more than 10,000ft. Didn't think much of the height until we actually began to ascend into the edge of the pichincha volcano hill.

I was starting to get uneasy when I heard the low rumble of thunder, but it was too late to get off! The view was breathtaking though and the pictures do absolutely no justice. The thunder and rain was so strong that suddenly our gondola stopped and began to jerk us back and forth. We totally FREAKED out and we didn't know if were going to be stuck up there. After about ten minutes our gondola went up on its way! At this point we couldn't see absolutely nothing. We were rising farther up, higher and higher through thick and heavy fog.

Anyway, after what seemed like forever, we finally arrived on top and were greeted with a beautiful view of the Guagua and Ruco peaks. Totally different terrain from what I'm used to back home. We sat back and just observed the unfamiliar land. Watching the fog was a spectacle all in itself. It creeps and swirls so quickly all around; it was unlike anything I've seen before. We didn't want to leave, but us Cali girls couldn't deal with the cold for too long, so back down we went to keep exploring.

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