Around Vegas

9:55 AM

Joined Stefan out in Nevada for a few days last weekend. He was out there for work and we took the opportunity to venture around. Everyone loves the strip in Vegas, but honestly that's the last place we wanted to be in, so instead we drove out to Lake Mead. I expected it to be this tiny body of water but was taken by surprise when I looked at how grand it actually is. It was formed as a result of the Hoover dam which lies just a few miles away. We drove out there too and it was pretty neat crossing over to Arizona. You can basically step in two states at once there. Couldn't get enough of the sights. Lake mead was pretty desolate and it felt like we were the only ones crusing around. After our desert adventures, we spent our nights at the casino, back in our hotel eating at buffets and sipping on cheap margaritas.

The other photos are from our drive back home. After seeing like five Peggy Sue billboards, we gave in and stopped there for a bite. I'm a huge sucker for diners, so Peggy Sue's immediately won my heart. When you go in, you're welcomed with some all-american rockabilly tunes and a "yellow brick road" which you can follow to find a seat. It's such a fun and quirky place filled with 50's memorabilia. When you're done eating you can check out the gift shop in the back and get a complimentary piece of gum. Elvis, Marylin Monroe and Lucy are everywhere! Deinitely a fun place to check out if you're out there.

We had a hectic week when we came back home. We moved out to a new place on Saturday and have been unpacking everything! So little time, so much to do.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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