Thai New Year (songkran) Festival

3:53 PM

Celebrated Thai new year in Hollywood a few weekends ago. The streets were closed off and lined up with all kinds of neat booths. They had this one flower booth, where older women were tirelessly working on beautiful flower bouquets and another booth for chanting. Before entering the chanting area there was a small tree where people would hang money from it. It was all very intriguing to watch. After exploring for a bit, my sis and I wasted no time in getting some Thai tea! The only problem was trying to decide where to get it from, because they had it everywhere!

We enjoyed watching and listening to some amazing music and dance performances and also checked out a boxing match (random.) My sis and I left the festival wanting to jet off to Thailand! .....(sigh) Someday!!! :-)

In other news, I have been counting down the days for the Moon Block Party festival next weekend! woooooo!!!! My sis and I were bummed because we couldn't go to Coachella, but honestly I'm kinda glad we didn't end up going. After checking my feeds online, it seems as if everyone goes for show, but not for the music anymore. I came across countless photos of people in glamorous getups and making a big deal of the private parties! What's the point of going to a music fest, if your not going for the music?

I think that music festivals should be all about the mosh pits, crowd surfin', dancin' or just plain old sitting on the ground while singing along loudly to your fave tunes. Moondaze fest is wayyyy smaller compared to Coachella, but I think the all-around energy there will be more authentic. We'll just have to wait and see :-)

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