Moon Block Party/Desert Daze

8:20 PM

Had such a blast at the Moon block party two weekends ago! Was totally dreading the nearly three hour drive out there, but it was well worth it. We blasted Spice girls (yes SPICE GIRLS) on the way there, while sipping on Arizona green tea and snacking on some corn nuts.

After surviving the gusty winds on the road, we finally arrived to our long awaited destination: Sunset Oasis. The festival was literally in the middle of NOWHERE. Nothing but sand, blue skies and sunshine. The site was a decent size, not too big or too small and just large enough for three stages. As soon as we got there we began exploring and found a chill spot with tye dye teepees!!!! I was so in love that I just wanted to plop down and lay in there all day.

The first band on our list was the Night Beats. These guys are seriously the definition of ROCK & ROLL! their sound is so raw and hardcore that I just couldn't help but bang my head and just sway around to their tunes. They started off with dreamy guitar riffs to gritty punk sounds. They had the crowd going and moshing it up!! They definitely know how to put on a good show.

Throughout the day we checked so many other awesome bands such as the JJUUJJUU's, Cosmonauts, Kiev and others that I can't remember off the top my head.  Kiev had us going with their saxophone tunes mixed together with a bit of reggae. The beats blended so well and had everyone there dancing. The JJUUJJUU's had that all-american 70's sound with upbeat harmonica solos accompanied with heavy drums. I couldn't get enough!

Although this fest was small, there was so many bands to check out in so little time. I was wishing I could be at all the stages at once! (first world problem? oh you bet!)

Images of woodstock kept coming to mind whilst being there and for some reason made me feel nostalgic but at the same time really happy.

All in all, we loved the festival's carefree aura that exuded all around; the MUSIC, the people, the food, the lake, the booths!!! Everything was just outta control. By the end of the day every single person there was covered in dirt but regardless everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. I know we were! So when's the next music fest? I'm already itching for more. :-)

Moon Block party '14 from Jennita Lolita on Vimeo.

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