Huntington Adventures

9:48 PM

Love getting lost in the vast Huntington gardens. A day is certainly not enough time to see it in it's entirety. My favorite area of the garden is the one with all the desert plants. The succulents and cacti are totally out of this world. Saw some intriguing and beautiful ones that looked like they belonged somewhere in the deep sea rather than on land. Couldn't help but snap away. Usually I just point and shoot at everything, however, instead I decided to photograph everything super up close. Took a little bit more of an effort with all the kneeling and bending in an angle, but am pleased with the way they turned out. Without my glasses I'm a total blind blurry mess, so zooming in brought a whole new clear light to these pretty plants.

All day we wandered around aimlessly from garden to garden admiring all the beauty around us. We ended our day by relaxing in the lavish Japanese garden, while overlooking the lake and the steep wooden bridge. You don't come by sights like these every day, so I made sure to enjoy every minute.

 photo 2014-06-09.jpg
 photo DSC08083.jpg

 photo DSC08055.jpg

 photo DSC08044.jpg
 photo DSC08184.jpg
 photo DSC08138.jpg
 photo 3613ce3d-0db4-4245-bd15-4fa2c5b20708.jpg
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