Road trip to the great Grand Canyon

8:21 PM

Summer is officially here and we kicked it off by taking a quickie road trip out to Arizona. Our first pit stop was Parker River. My sister's company invited her team to stay at their house for the weekend. My friend Gris and I arrived late at night and had nowhere to crash but the couches out in the backyard by the docks. We were way too exhausted to care, plus the heat was out of control, so sleeping outside was actually very enjoyable, especially under the bright stars.
We woke up to an amazing view of the sunrise overlooking the river. Totally priceless!! We wanted to stay, but our main destination was the Grand Canyon. We packed up early and hit the road. On the way, we checked out the London Bridge! London auctioned off the bridge, I think back in the 60's because traffic flow had been increasing and could not withstand the weight and so they sold it off to Arizona. It was pretty random but neat nonetheless.

After four hours, we finally arrived to our awaited destination! This may sound cliche, but I was totally speechless when I saw the Grand Canyon...I mean it's massive, beautiful and just out of this world. We were in luck, because we found out they were hosting a Star Party that very night.

This party only goes on once a year and lasts just for a few days. Astronomers from all over the country come together to share their telescopes and equipment with the public!! The best part? It's FREE!!!

We rode around the shuttle and hung out by some cliff overlooking the river at Mohave point. For a Saturday, it was pretty darn lonely. We took advantage of this and just sat admiring that unforgettable view. Once you lay eyes on it, it will forever stay with you. Nothing mattered that moment. The desert sun was just what my pale skin needed and I loved getting slapped in the face with that warm desert wind!

After some hours of adventuring around, we finally decided to head over to the Star party. They kicked it off with an hour presentation about Mars!! We learned that Curiosity, the largest rover over there, only moves a few meters per day. This I had no idea about!! Thereafter we all went out and were welcomed with clear skies and stars twinkling so bright, I felt like I could almost reach them. The park rangers had these pretty neat lasers that helped map out constellations. Never ever, had I laid eyes on stars so bright and all around me. Was I dreaming? It sure felt like it. We walked from station to station checking out planets on these impressive telescopes. The astronomers were beyond friendly and eager to teach us! This event really was the cherry on top of our trip.

On the way home the next day, we made sure to stop in Williams, AZ (aka gateway to the Grand Canyon) and where part of the historic route 66 passes through. This town is super cool. It has that all-american feel with cool diners, bars and souvenir shops with 50's memorabilia.

Now I'm plopped on my couch, wishing we could've stayed on the road!! It doesn't help that I'm also currently reading "On the Road" by Kerouac. I'm having major wanderlust cravins' and as a result I'm already planning my next escapade!
So stay tuned....Meanwhile enjoy some of my shots below :-)

 photo IMG_7778.jpg
 photo IMG_7801.jpg
 photo IMG_7807.jpg
 photo DSC08231.jpg
 photo IMG_7922.jpg
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