4th of July at the Straubes

11:23 PM

Yes that's right. 4th of July this year, was celebrated at none other than our place!  Friends and family came to join us and boy did we have a blast. We had a ton of food (mostly comfort food...naturally) we then hung out by the beach and played a bit of soccer and then had ourselves a balloon fight. My mom especially was having a little bit more fun than all of us. She went a little crazy and began to throw the balloons when we least expected them! Sometimes you just gotta let that inner kid come out and that's precisely what we did.

The rest of our guests came right before it got dark so we hung out by the patio and merged our party with the neighbors. We got the party started by bringing out our infamous speaker with the disco lights. It never fails to impress and entertain people. We had a lovely evening with awesome music and fireworks.

All I can say is that this 4th of July totally topped all our past ones! :-)


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