8:27 PM

Summer was so crazy. A bunch of stuff went down, but one of the highlights was totally FYF.

Can't beat this year's line up! I mean Interpol were there, Grimes, HAIM, Blood Orange and THE STROKES!? It was pretty darn epic. 

I love a good dose of music throughout the day but it will never beat a live show. There's something so liberating about it! We had a ton of fun dancing and singing along to our fave tunes.  Asides from the great music, we were also totally diggin' the craft tent where we spent some time painting and creating pins. Whoever thought of the craft tent is a total genius!
We're pretty excited for next year's lineup. Not sure it will be as good as this year's but we'll just have to wait and see.

Angel Olson

Little Dragon
Les Sins

JULIAN! The Strokes


Les Sins

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