Happy Vday 2015

9:29 PM

I will admit that Vday is a bit overrated...(ok, ok super overrated!) We try not to go all out and usually will celebrate this day with a low key outing. We decided to hang out at Balboa Island in Newport beach. Initially it was going to be us two, but we felt bad leaving Mr. Waffles behind so he tagged along. He was a real handful and got way too excited when we took the ferry, but seeing his little face sticking out the car window made me so happy. Valentine's day is supposed to be all about love and friendship and that's exactly what Mr. Waffles brings to our lives every day. Love that fur ball <3 nbsp="" p="">
For dinner we went home and had some take-out. Valentine dinners are the worst as every restaurant is beyond crowded. This year we opted for some good old pizza. Who doesn't love pizza, especially a heart shaped pizza. Yeah I know it's cheesy, but I'd prefer that any day over a box of chocolates or a stuff teddy haha. 

Sweet and simple is how I'd describe today. There's no need for going overboard to have a romantic day. 

Adieu xoxo 

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