Yum nom

9:11 PM

Some goodies below around LBC, OC and LA. Also a few shots of food I've made. Since working from home, I have had a lot more time to experiment in the kitchen and am loving it :-) 
If it were up to me, I'd eat out every day, three times a day but there's nothing more exciting than making something at home and having it be delicious. There's been sometimes where I've ruined some meals, but I think I'm getting better? At least I'd like to think so lol. 
I'd love to know if ya'll have any suggestions of where to go for a bite? for a drink? lemme know. 

Lord Windsor Roasters: cappuccinos 

Homemade oatmeal with brown sugar and cherries

Heart shaped pizza from Pizza x Two for vday

Poached egg on sourdough bread w/ avocado by me 

Pop bar, Anaheim Packing District- Hazelnut flavor

The Commissary at the Line Hotel, Cheese plate + fries and watermelon juice

Awesome Coffee in Koreatown: Mocha, Passion blueberry tea, Waffle with Vanilla Ice cream, Chai Ice Cream and Iced Latte

Dixie Kitchen in LBC: Brett'swich 

Dixie Kitchen LBC: Strawberry Basil Lemonade and OJ

Bruxie in Huntington Beach: lemonade + Egg, Sausage and Avocado on waffle

Pier 76 in LBC: Fish Tacos with Kale salad

Home made waffles for vday

Myung Dong Kyoja- Seafood noodles, chicke noodle soup, kimchi

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