Bottle Tree Ranch

1:56 PM

The other day Mr. waffles, my sister and I hopped onto the car and headed out to Oro grande. Our destination: Bottle Tree Ranch. We had been talking for months about wanting to check out this hidden gem and finally I'm glad we did. The drive was definitely worth it specially since we spent the whole way blasting some Simon and Garfunkel. Perfect tunes for a mini roadtrip I might add.

Bottle Tree ranch is truly a work of art! Created by Mr. Elmer Long, this place is a MUST SEE. He really took that one saying to heart "one person's junk is another's treasure"and created this forest out of glass bottles and other random goods. There's a bunch poles and on them "branches" of glass bottles that tower up high and glisten in the sunlight. Some of the poles are topped off with streets signs, pistols, sewing machines, telephones and my fave? An electric guitar. The place isn't big, but you can definitely get lost in the sea of bottles and every turn your eyes sorta insist on bringing you to halt. There's way much coolness going up in here. 

On the way back home we checked out some other spots along route 66 and concluded our little trip at Emma Jean's diner. When in a diner, we love to get the classics: cheeseburger, fries and a shake! can never wrong with that combo. 



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