New Orleans 2015

10:33 PM

What up NOLA! Going to New Orleans had always been on our bucket list and finally this year we decided to go. We stayed at a quaint airbnb and decided to get a rental car last min. Although you can get around easily downtown with bus, the car really did help get us out of the city to explore some plantations and swamps.

We were there for a short week but managed to see the main places we had on our list. The humidity was out of control but after a a day or two it wasn't too bad. Regardless we had a great time exploring this amazing city. There's so much history everywhere you look, it's so exciting. The city is well known for it's party life but also for being dark and mysterious. My favorite memory about this place though was the music! Everywhere you walk the city is alive with lively music. On one corner you'll see the guy with his saxophone and a short few steps you'll run into the little gypsy looking band playing smooth jazz. My favorite was the big band group composed of what seemed like teenagers. You could tell music really is in their blood. All of them played their instruments with such a great passion and made it look so easy. At one point a random local came by and just began to dance. He must have been in his late 60's. He just danced freely without a care in the world! loved it.

A trip to NOLA isn't complete without checking out the swamp tours. There you will come to face to face with a croc and other cool swamp creatures. We had the chance to feed some of the crocs most of which were babies but still quite frightening. Totally recommend!

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